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2020 Polar Challenge

While the Klondike is designed for Webelos to explore their Winter Scouting skills, the Polar Challenge was created for boy and girl BSA Scouts to showcase their Winter Scouting and leadership skills.

Just came back from my favorite place! I was up with Troop 13 participating in the Polar Challenge. It is an event that had challenges from signaling, orienteering, pioneering, and fire starting and many more! Our scouts from 13 showed their skills they have been learning at meetings and put them into practical action!

The one thing I was floored to see in action, was their emerging leadership. It is something I think the event did well to bring out. The girls broke out into to patrols and went out to conquer the challenges without adult leaders right by there side. This forced them to solve tasks such as rescuing someone, administering first aid, or starting a fire on their own! This was very cool to see and what I think kids need, opportunities to learn and practice leadership.

A special thanks to Tammy and Troop 424 Marshfield for allowing us to join you today! Your girls were nothing less than a well oiled machine. It was what I envision for Troop 13 in a couple of years! Kudos to the SPL and Patrol leaders!

A special thanks to Michelle and the team of awesome volunteers setting this event up!

Last but not least a special thanks to Makiba for co leading this event, Jake for coming along for the ride and collecting firewood and the girls of Troop 13 for having fun and showing your skills, you make Holbrook Avon and Brockton proud to have upcoming leaders such as yourself.

I know this post is long but to see what our youth can become through scouting is amazing! Troop 13 is always looking for more girls! If you want to come in to check out our meetings or want more information please let us know! We meet every Tuesday for 7pm to 830pm at the Avon Baptist Church.

Christopher White
Scout Master Troop 13

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