December 31, 2019 / Comments Off on Troop Meetings in Fall 2019

Troop Meetings in Fall 2019

Troop 13 got off to a great start this Fall. We meet every Tuesday at 7pm at Avon Baptist Church. (Come join us! We’re through the side door and up the stairs. Listen for the laughs and fun!) We’ve had the chance to learn Scout lore and ceremonies. We’ve also started learning the basic skills we’ll need like knot tying and lashings. We’d had fun carving pumpkins for Halloween and making snacks every week to share. And we’ve been able to serve the church and our community by helping with activities like a clothing drive and being at the church’s flea market to let people know we’re a new troop and to sell some popcorn to raise funds for our activities. We hope other girls will join us.

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